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PostSubject: Mortiis   Sun Mar 09, 2008 6:24 pm

Hello my dear fellow Sorcerers!

First of all, I'm not like a guy from this picture: . This is real Mortiis ( I'm not that ugly. I tend to be more like a guy from my avi. Thanx Serraphine I love you Evil, mystique, and untouchable Smile

Actually, I'm a good guy, and everybody knows that Smile My name is Patrick, and I live in Rijeka. Like those dear sisters Lady Aribeth and Serraphine. I've played Monsters Game for a year as a Werewolf in a clan [VuK] Vukodlak, on server 2, and I'm in happy relationship with Lady Aribeth I love you I love you I love you Such a wonderful girl. Don't know what to say anymore... I have 33 years, and I'm playing that game 'cause it's fun and 'cause I'm a geek Very Happy


That's me Smile

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