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 Lady (one and only)

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PostSubject: Lady (one and only)   Sun Mar 09, 2008 6:59 pm

Hello people Cool As you all know I'm the creator of our lovely Coven here and our delightful forum, right here Very Happy I'm big, bad and evil Wink yes, realllly evil. So you better stay on my good side Wink Very Happy joking. My name is Andrea, i'm 19 and i'm really endearing...quite a cuppycake...Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy joking, again. Ok, honestly, a bit evil but it suits me, so it's ok. I was among 3 best players on UK 2 monstersgame and i was one the leaders of [VuK] Vukodlak, the best clan on server (in loot, gold gained and victories-pretty much in everything Cool ) I joined this game cos i felt nostalgic about MG, so here i am. I plan to lead this coven to the top and i know we can do it Wink For start i'll try to organize this forum so we can function as a true team. And i'll try, with my dear sister of course, to get more powerful members for this coven so we can protect each other on our way to greatness. lol. yes, i have ''must be the best'' syndrome but that tends to work out great in these types of games Very Happy But first of all we're here to have, let's rock Wink Cool
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Lady (one and only)
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