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PostSubject: Serraphine   Sat Mar 08, 2008 10:08 pm

Real name: Ivana
Age: 24
Country: Croatia
Occupation: Law Student
Hobbies: Stage Performance (singing, dancing, acting), Graphic Design, Sport Journalism
RPG experience: [VuK] Seraphine Inferna, MG (Monstersgame) UK Server2, one of the leaders of [VuK] VUKODLAK clan, ranked as No1 clan on the Server

Hey guys...this was just a little bit about me, and if you have any other questions you can always ask. I'm a quite friendly person who likes to meet new people and organize things to work well, so my role in a Coven always comes to a kind of a...Public Relation person, lol. I'm one of our Coven Elders, so if you have any questions regarding this Coven, you can contact me, or my sister Lady Aribeth, who is my sister in real life too. Smile The 2 of us will give our best to lead this Coven as successful as possible, and I'm sure that with common forces, our Coven can make it through to the top. It's wonderful to have all of you here! Have fun and keep in touch! Smile


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