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 Reduced waiting time

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PostSubject: Reduced waiting time   Sun Mar 16, 2008 3:15 pm

Ok so we all know that premiums get a reduced waiting time of 5 minutes between attacks. Jade and I have found that if we attack someone we can then go right to the Library and do a 10 minute study. At this point your attack time is still ticking away too...therefore you can attack ,and get exp points while allowing your character a small recovery time as well and it takes 10 minutes to get both of them done.
Now we are both premies right now. My question would be for one of the non premies to try it this way they can play much more without spending all that time at the someone try it.... attack someone then right away try doing a library ...Im pretty sure you will get only 1 ten minute waiting period.....dont forget to bank
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Reduced waiting time
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