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PostSubject: DarkSide   Mon Mar 17, 2008 6:22 pm

Hello Everyone.

Shortly about me:
I'm 24 years old and originally I'm from Lithuania.

Recently finished master degree in computer science.
Currently I work as research assistant in Italian university.

Mostly I like to play RPG games. Early addiction was Heroes III of might and Magic.
Lately another addiction was Lineage II. Also, as majority of you, I play monstersgame
( Feliks, you will not find me in server 7, coz it will always say - "you searched in vain" )
muhahahaha Twisted Evil

POP is for looooooooooooooosers, disco is crap and techno is crap*10.
apart that, I listen many styles from rock to heavy metal.
Current group I'm addicted is Metal band from Denmark - Volbeat.

My hobies:
Hmm.... kind of many of them. I like to play snooker ( pool biliard is for girls only Razz ).
Formula-1 is a grate passion of mine, I do not miss F-1 races.

My second life is Tango Argentino, the only way to escape the real world Smile

Recently I started Modern Sport Karate, and got Yellow belt not long ago, but I'm able
to defeat Orange belts, which is next belt Twisted Evil

All mountain sports in summer are addictive: rock climbing, via ferrata, touring.
Also in winter I like skiing.

But my biggest passion is to drink beer drunken

So thats me. Hope to have fun in this coven.
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PostSubject: Re: DarkSide   Mon Mar 17, 2008 7:13 pm

Welcome bro!

I'm sure that you'll have great time in our coven and forum as well!
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